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Advertising has always existed. But the modern world with his giant information space filled with it. Almost everywhere we are faced with some type of advertising. Today, no deal, no sale is not made ​​without advertising.

According to the needs of advertising, increased diversity of species. The best advertising is today considered and, the impact of which is invisible to the audience, but effective. Often we become targets of advertising messages without knowing it. And it is not about the 25th frame in the movie. Advertising ubiquitous, we see it on the tag, packaging, on TV screens, computer monitors, in transport, in homes, in the elevators, newspapers, magazines, bills. We hear it on the radio, on TV, on the phone. Selecting any product in the world today can not be independent of seen and heard advertisements.

There are many types of advertising. Usually determine the purpose of the advertisement:

Advertisement that raises awareness of the product;

Advertisement that creates a need of the product;

Advertisement of catalytic turnover;

Advertisement that encourages customers to become regular customers;

Advertisement that creates and sustaines the image of the company as a reliable business partner.

Rare cases where promotions relates to one goal, but most often – several, or even all at once. One advertisement action again combine pleasing promotional tools. With the techniques used in advertising, it is divided into:

Informative – used when you want to announce something new in life trading company – a new service, product, idea;

Comparative – offers highlight key product characteristics that make it compares favorably with similar products.

Broadcasted – its main task – to create demand. It focuses on the advantages of this product over similar on the market. By the way, the characteristics that stand out, as selected by the manufacturer and is not always really determine the quality of the product but advertising does the job.

Remonded – draws attention to the already long-established in the market of the product.

There are other classifications of advertising types. There are very simple, such as the distinction between image advertising, incentive and promotion of stability. Or sometimes the ads are divided into types depending on its carriers, but these classifications do not allow advertisers to choose right promotional products and their combination. The most basic element in selecting advertising is competent and clear statement of purpose.