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Offset printing

Retro Printer Typewriter Flat Concept [Converted]-01Offset (flat) printing method which is the most effective when you produce  medium and large editions, which is characterized by perfect printing, technical characteristics: best quality, excellent image details, best color display. As for offset printing material using cardboard, paper, cloth, metal and plastic.





Features of offset printing are:

  • Multicolor printing;
  • Relative cheapness (the larger edition – the lower price of the print);
  • The possibility to print the most diverse products.

Group of Companies “Vid A do Ya” could qualitatively print  for its clients:

  • Brochures, catalogs, letterheads, envelopes, discount cards;
  • Folders, calendars (desk, wall, pocket), organizers, notebooks;
  • POS-materials (wobblers, stoppers, shelftalkers, shelfliners, stickers)

Offset printing basic stages are:

  • Exponing of printing digital plates;
  • Fitting plates directly on a printing press;
  • Printing process;
  • Finishing.