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Tampon printing


Tampon printing – is an indirect process of deep printing (gravure) – properly it is the transfer of ink from the printing form (cliché) to the surface that is printed, using a special elastic tampon. Due to the properties of the tampon to change shape while contacting the surface which is printed on, tampon printing is possible to use when you work with a wide variety of products. Today tampon printing is widely used in the fields of services and industries for marking, decorating and personalizing of production.

Tampon printing has such advantages among the other methods of printing:

  • Tampon printing is the fast and economical way to print.
  • Tampon printing as a method of printing, provides opportunities to print when it’s too difficult or too expensive to print, using another technologies.
  • Tampon printing in many cases can replace technologies such as screen printing, gravure or embossing, often surpassing their flexibility and print quality.
  • Production of the tampon printing has an expensive and prestigious appearance, which increases its attractiveness for consumers.

With tampon we can tart up your souvenirs such as pens, cups, key chains, clothes, umbrellas, cigarette lighters, etc.