Vіd A do Ya Провідна рекламна компанія в Західному регіоні


Let us organize a long-term advertising campaign – for that is enough to produce high-quality souvenirs with corporate logo, which will remind customers about the pleasant cooperation with your company for a long time. Souvenirs are the great instrument of branding which gives your company competitive advantages among other companies.

Your customer will remind himself about your company more often, when he will take his morning coffee from the cup with logo of your organization, when he will sign the documents with a branded pen or take the keys with your branded key ring.

“Vid A do Ya” Group of  Companies can professioanlly print for you on:

  • Promo – souvenirs  (balloons, pens, cigarette lighters, magnets, key rings, clothes, etc.)
  • Business – souvenirs (organizers, watches, business – card holders, USB flash drives, umbrellas, etc.)
  • VIP – souvenirs

“Vid A do Ya” has accumulated basis of reliable suppliers, therefore our customer can be sure that his souvenirs will have beneficial advantages among the others, such as proper quality of prints, durability and wide range of products.

Promo – Souvenirs

Main appointment of these souvenirs is to increase the level of sales. Such gifts as cigarette lighters, pens, magnets, notebooks or badges are mainly presented for customers nor for collegues or partners. Often souvenirs of this type are used ind different promotions. The value of this gifts is rather low.

Business Souvenirs

Such souvenirs are appointed for actual or potential business partners. Their main objective is to motivate and stimulate interest of company partners. These souvenirs are called business – gifts and they are presented on business meetings. Herewith it should be remembered that quantity of such souvenirs shouldn’t be enormous. Target audience for such type of souvenirs are: partners, own employees or exhibition visitors.

VIP – Souvenirs

These are  exclusive and frequently very expensive gifts which often are ordered in the single example for one individual. These group of souvenirs includes: porcelain, crystal products, golden pens, etc. The main difference of this gifts among the others is their exclusivity.