Vіd A do Ya Провідна рекламна компанія в Західному регіоні

For investors

We strive to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the business community.


Group of companies “Vid A do Ja” has established itself as a successful and stable partner, a dynamic, ready for cooperation and engagement of short and long-term investment for the purchase of production equipment and development of the company as a whole.


We offer:

  • Guaranteed investor income at least 30% per annum;
  • Project duration from 1 to 4 years;
  • Individual and flexible payment income and its ability to reinvest in the project;
  • A steady stream of planned orders.


Among the plans of “Vid A do Ja”:

  • Opening the subsidiaries in the countries of Western Europe
  • Foundation and establishment of “Vid A do Ya” trading company, which will engage with polygraphic raw materials
  • Construction of production facilities for printing complex “Vid A do Ya”
  • Installation and launching into usage die-cutting and printing machines B1 size and also perfect binder
  • Expanding the list of finishing services of company, increasing the production, introduction of new technologies.

Today the group of companies “Vid A do Ja” – a team of professionals, armed with powerful capabilities and 10 years of experience in advertising, design and printing, the desire to dynamic development and the achievement of a common goal – success and prosperity for the customer and the company team.

The plans – further development and rapid fire leading position in the market of advertising and printing industry in Ukraine.


For developing and investing in projects contact:

Michael Kovalyshyn

CEO Assistant

Tel. / Fax +38 032 243 54 44

E-mail: mykhaylo.kovalyshyn@vidadoya.com.ua