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Layout of catalogs, magazines, brochures

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Our company offers you services of highly qualified designers who will help you to do the layout of information and make a complete, high-quality product.

Highly qualified staff and individual approach to each client, turn the processes of the creation and preparation of your edition into the pleasure for each and everyone.

We offer to you the professional design and layout of books, magazines, brochures in considerable quantities and at reasonable prices.

If you need to release your own newspaper, the internal magazine, publish a book or tell about the attractive tourist routes in the brochure we are happy to do the layout of the publication and to publish it in unlimited editions for you.
Catalog is an important tool of sale for every company, that’s why you can trust the print of the catalogs only to the best printing house.

Pretty great placing of the information, high-quality photo- and video materials, high printing quality will guarantee high level of sales. The last aspect, printing of the catalog, for 100% depends on the experience in printing and making the mock-ups of the printing house. We will use all our experience when printing the catalog to offer you the high-class product. Our products will allow you to save your costs and show your strong sides among your rivals on the market.

Printing of the catalogs is the final stage and before it you have to create individual layout options, selection of colors, artistic component placement and full systematization of information. In order to fully perform the work described above, you need to determine the size of the catalog that will be primary moment for the next stages of work.

Printing of the magazines

Magazines are one of the most common types of advertising editions. The main advantages of magazines are their convenience and informativity.  Magazines are pretty comfortable to carry with you and to read them at any time. Magazines are mostly printed by offset printing type, so this is the profitable way in creation of big editions

In certain cases, magazines can be printed using digital printing, but only if it is necessary to make small editions or orders that require immediate implementation. Also we can print for you elite magazines, representative or business catalogs.

First magazine appeared in Europe in 17th century. At that times newspapers and magazines were the selection of random news and occasions. Information for the magazines was taken mainly from politics or science. Type of print mainly depends from the quantity and the terms of producing.

From other publications magazines mainly differ in case of their regular periodicity. It can be quarterly, monthly, quarterly, and sometimes annual magazines.

Printing of the brochures

Brochure – a multipage advertising publication without hardcover with more than 4 but less than 48 pages connected by a metal spring or sewed by threads. Brochure mainly implemented at a fairly high-quality paper, with well-thought design and a good color solution.

Brochure – is one of the most common types of promotional products, pretty inexpensive and thus very effective.