Vіd A do Ya Провідна рекламна компанія в Західному регіоні


The history of the company


“Vid A do Ya” company started its functioning in 2004 as an Agency of Economical Analysis, the main areas of work for Agency were providing printing services and advertisement in social media. The number of customers at that time wasn’t enormous, but among them were such leading companies as: “Krez” (hypermarkets of electronics network “Shock”), “Enzym”, “Sensus” and such banks “Nadra”, “Aval”, “VaBank.


In 2006 Advertising Company “Vid A do Ya” Ltd. was created. This company exists today, as an brand an basic company.


In 2008 “Vid A do Ya” purchased its first printing equipment, such as offset press and set of finishing equipment. It began the development of the main and strategic direction of functioning for “Vid A do Ya” – offset printing.


In 2010 the printing machine (printing size B2) was purchased, this occasion gave “Vid A do Ya” the opportunity to increase the production rate and to significantly reduce the time for production. During this period staff of company rapidly increased, organizational structure of company has changed. To ensure quality and creative design services, design studio was separated as an isolated unit.


In 2011 number of private companies, government structures and private persons which were the customers of “Vid A do Ya” was over three hundred.


In 2012 “Vid A do Ya” invested resources in purchasing the new offset press to occupy the sector of low quantity printings, and also to reduce time for production. Also “Vid A do Ya” increased the quantity of personnel.


In 2013, “Vid A do Ya” company qualitatively expanded the base of finishing equipment, adding nine new units. To improve customer service “Vid A do Ya” decided to create a sales department as a separate unit with four qualified managers.


“Vid A do Ya” headquarters decided to separate the company into three independent structural units and to create the group of companies in 2014. Also company begins the trade mark registration process. Also in 2014 “Vid A do Ya” invested resources in purchasing 6-colour offset press with printing size A2, which gives an opportunity to significantly increase the terms of printing processes and bring the company to the leading positions in Western Region of Ukraine.


In 2015, despite the unstable market processes in Ukraine, “Vid A do Ya” not only retained leading positions in the

region, but also became more competitive, due to the exploring and the start of cooperation with suppliers of raw materials in Asia and Western Europe. Also in 2015, was purchased horizontal type paper gathering line, manufactured in Germany, to minimize timing when manufacturing periodic or bulky production and maximize the exploring of that market.


In 2016 “Vid A do Ya” opened first affiliative company abroad in Poland (Warsaw). That will give an great opportunity to spread the sales markets. Also company purchased and put into use the automatical line of UV-varnishing, it significantly spreaded the spectrum of finishing services.

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